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American University's Graduate Schools Local Level

The Graduate Leadership Council is composed of five different school based groups that serve students directly and allow students more say in programs. They include the following schools:
Kogod Graduate Bussiness Association. The Kogod Graduate Bussiness Association is the local chapter of a national organization of Graduate Students. Programs that it puts on include Kogod at 11 and Kogod at 5. It also presents programs of interest to bussiness students.

The College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Council : The CAS Grad Council works to bring cohesion to the various departments within CAS. It brings speakers to campus, represents grad students to the College and adds a sense of community.
School of International Service Graduate Council The School of International Service Grad Council works to advance the academic life of Graduate Students by encouraging service to the world, and self improvement.

School of Communication Graduate Council The School of Communication Graduate Council develops programs of interest to Communication specialists.

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School of Public affairs Graduate Council The School of Public Affairs Graduate Council presents programs that are of interest to those in the Public Administration, Criminal Justice and Political Science fields.

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